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Nahomy Benitez, Writer

    As time progresses so does entertainment such as opera in 1830 and Video games in 2021. Now in 2020-21 Video games have become especially popular because of quarantine. As a teenage kid I think that video games are fun and I would like to play more. Some of the games that have been recommended to me are Minecraft, Fortnite, Yandere Simulator, Rocket League, Call of Duty and many more. Over the next few weeks I will be downloading and playing these games to let you know my opinions on the game and the stories. If you have any more game recommendations that you would like me to try out and post please let me know in the comment section down below.

Minecraft   2/23/21

    Today I played this game for about an hour, not a very good hour to be honest. The game is very well made with good hitboxes, lots of skin customization options, many different blocks available and lots of minigame creations. I will be truthful the game is fabulously made but I personally found the game boring. It is hard to adapt to controls and there is no objective to the game. I have not found any story line or finishing objective which I think makes the game boring. I do think that it is a decent game and people should try it out but it just isn’t a game for me. I would rate this game a 4/10.

Fortnite 3/16/21

    Today I decided to play Fortnite. I played for about 2 hours. I haven’t played video games in a while and I decided I wanted to find out what the hype about this game was. This game was most popular last year in 2020 and slowly died down and people in the game were “annoying sweats” as many say. I will say I enjoyed playing because I like having the end objective of being the last one alive. The game seems well made although the largest downside is the community. There tends to be some crude language, toxic people and insulting remarks. Other than the community I will say the game is fun and I would rate this game a 7/10.

Yandere Simulator 4/6/21

    Today I decided to play Yandere Simulator. I played for about 4 hours. This game is so incredibly fun to me, everything about it is fabulous. The graphics are great, the lore is intriguing and very detailed. Like I have stated before I love the element of having an end goal. The game is very crude, I do not recommend this game for young children or people sensitive to blood and weapons. There also is not a very large community and the game isn’t very popular, I myself only found this game because a Youtuber I enjoy watching had also played it. I really love the fact that there are easter eggs and character customization. In the end I definitely recommend this game for people who aren’t scared of murderous type games. Overall I give this game a 10/10, definitely my favorite game I’ve tried so far.

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