Top Two Very Interesting Shows You Should Watch Right Now!

Why you should rock with Netflix LOL

Dayanara Abrego, Writer

There are so many cool and interesting shops on Netflix at the moment. There are also a lot of more popular ones which are really cool. There are mysteries, horror, science fiction,  drama, some cartoons, action, and all that good stuff. I personally love Drama, horror and mysteries. I try watching almost every show on Netflix because I get bored, but some are not as interesting as the others. Here are 2  shows that I personally find interesting and fun to watch. : ) 

First show I really enjoy watching is Jane The Virgin. It is a 5 season show. A Latina Jane ends up pregnant, but is still a virgin. She then finds out she was artificially inseminated by accident. Jane was in a relationship at the time. The family and her boyfriend  Michael were in shock! When Jane finds out Mateo’s dad She gets stuck in a love triangle and there’s a killer (sin rostro) on the loose killing people in his hotel. This was interesting watching Jane’s life flip around, with a lot of twists and trying to figure out what’s best for her baby. In my opinion this is one of the BEST SHOWS ON NETFLIX!

Second is The Vampire Diaries (TVD). This show has 8 seasons. It takes place in Mystic Falls, Virginia where there is supernatural history.  It is about a teenage girl,  Elena Gilbert and how she lost both her parents in a car accident. When she meets Stefan Salvatore, an old vampire. She falls in love not knowing his dark secret and all the trouble that comes with it. Her life got flipped around and had to battle the original vampires and very dangerous people. Later on in the show Elena gets stuck in a love triangle with Damon Salvatore and Stefan Salvatore and has to choose between the two. This show is very interesting and intense, but made me cry TOO MANY TIMES. But to be honest it’s another really good show!