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Nahomy Benitez, Writer

Update  8/20/21

    It has been many weeks since I have last uploaded on this blog. I apologize for being inactive for so long, life gets busy. Recently in my free time I have been trying more games yet I forget to post about it. I don’t remember many games I have played but I do know that I have been more interested in one game recently. I play this game lots and have actually become quite good at it. I tend to play late at night with friends.

    The game I have been playing more is Minecraft. The last time I mentioned this game was on February 23rd, 2021 in my last post ( and if anybody remembers my experience with it was not very great. Over time I learned to like the game more and I found what interested me the most. I did a bit of research not too long ago and I’ve found that there is indeed an ending to this game. I have not been able to reach the finish of the game yet but I have been practicing and trying my best to achieve that goal. 

    I have also found something called hypixel. It is a server that you can join in Minecraft with the ip address of “”. I have found that there are many different mini games such as bedwars, skywars, duels, blitz and so many more. I personally enjoy bedwars the most. In the end I would definitely rate this game a 10/10 tied with Yandere Simulator last mentioned on an earlier post on April 6th, 2021. 

    I definitely think that people should try this game if they can afford it. I think that everyone should try new things to help you discover what you like and don’t judge it too quickly like I did with this game. This lesson does not only go towards video games, it goes towards life in total. I hope that everybody has an amazing day or night and remember to live your best life. This blog will be shut down and I will not post again. All posts will still be visible. Goodbye :]


This blog has been shut down, Last edited 8/20/21