The good, the bad, and the aiming

Games of the Century

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Donovan Straka, Writer

FPS Mechanics. You either think they’re great, or absolute bull-crap. One of the good examples is “Team Fortress 2”, an FPS from 2007. It may be old and hasn’t had an update unless its localization files since 2017, but the hitboxes and the guns themselves have always been near perfect. But what about games from the 90s? You guessed it, of course they’re going to have janky mechanics. It’s when PCs didn’t even exist yet.

A perfect example of a janky-mechanic 90s game was the “Beavis & Butthead” console game. Although it wasn’t an FPS, it’s near impossible to click things, the enemies can kill you in 2 punches, and you can’t even jump! Some are good, some are bad. However, most mechanics are pretty good.