Getting into the Animu Community!

Getting into the Animu Community!

Brenda O., Blogger

If you want to join the anime community, you should start by watching anime that give you a taste of what you should expect. Besides, you should start by watching anime that will leave you breathless because of the graphics and story! If you want to watch one of these anime, click the title. ^~^

Black Butler (mystery, adventure, and comedy)                                                                                                           

black“Black Butler” is about Ciel Phantomhive (12- years-old) who makes a deal with the devilishly Sebastian. He desires revenge for the people who tortured him and for his parents that died in fire at Phantomhive mansion. This anime pretty much gives you the basics like gory scenes and your typical nosebleeds. Oh and don’t forget the fan service.  Besides having that revenge theme, there is some humor to it but I won’t spoil it. ^.^ If you like mystery, adventure, with a hint of comedy, I recommend “Black Butler.”

Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) (horror and adventure)

“Attack On Titan” is also a gory anime, but it’s a little bit stronger. Humanity is on the edge because of man-eating monsters called Titans. Eren Jaeger and others are forced to live in walls divided by three barriers. This is humanity’s way of surviving.

Noragami (supernatural, action, comedy, romance)

“Noragami” is about a not so well known god of Calamity called Yato. Yato only grants requests if you pay him. One day, Hiyori is walking with her best friend noticing Yato chasing a cat in the middle of the street. Hiyori pushes him out of the way, but her soul gets knocked out of her body causing her to become a phantom. Their meeting will cause a great impact on others. The concept is very interesting and great for any beginner. This anime is also well known for their catchy and upbeat openings.

Durarara!! (fiction and thriller)“Durarara!!” does not revolve around one character, but multiple characters. Each character will connect somehow to each other with their interesting personalities and past. Ikebukuro is the city filled with crime and the headless rider.  Mikado is just an excited boy who just moved to the city. Masaomi is his tour guide. Mikado meets multiple people in his tour that will be mentioned later in the anime. Mikado later  finds out that gangs are around every corner of Ikebukuro with their signs, but there is one gang called the Dollars. The Dollars are colorless, anyone can be in it and you wouldn’t know. With twists and turns at every corner, who knows what will happen? Everyone in this anime plays a huge part in the story! It’s a very interesting format.

Ouran Highschool Host Club (romance, comedy, and drama)

Haruhi is a new student living off a scholarship at the rich private school. She stumbles upon the host club, breaking an expensive vase. Since she can’t pay it off, she’ll have to work as a host disguised as a boy. There are five types of hosts: the princely type, the cool type, the boy Lolita type, the strong and silent type, and the devil type. Haruhi becomes the natural type. Everyone in the host club supports each other and always tries to help one another when down. It’s a very warm hearted anime.

Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) (action and horror) god of this world is dying and is looking for a his replacement. He decides to do a game involving 12 players. One of their everyday objects will become their diary. Their diary helps them in this gruesome game. In order to win the game you must be the last survivor. The rules are simple, the diary holder must either eliminate the other player or destroy their diary. “Future Diary” will get your heart beating so fast, because of the excitement and tension.

Danganronpa (thriller, mystery, and horror)

The world is on the brink of disaster. A high school with students are trapped and the only way to get your freedom is to kill someone else without being discovered. If one kills, a classroom trial will be held. If everyone guesses wrong the culprit, the true culprit will be granted freedom while the rest receive punishment. However if one guesses correct, the culprit will receive the consequences. This anime has amazing graphics when it comes to the punishment. It also creates tension whenever a classroom trial is held.

Code Geass (Mecha) no longer exists. The new japan is called Britannia and those who wish not to join will be elevens. Lelouch Lamperouge (Lelouch Vi Britannia) is a sly and smart high schooler who is barely in school because he’s always gambling. One day Lelouch comes back from defeating his opponent. He sees a truck crash into a building and checks if anyone is hurt. He falls right into a terrorist attack. That same day he vows to make Britannia crumble into pieces. He wants to start a revolution. This is the beginning of a whole new end.

Soul Eater (fantasy and comedy)

Each character in the show characters have wacky personalities. Death (Grim Reaper) runs a school for people who can become weapons and those who can wield a weapon. You’ll meet a laid back teen with a bossy girl. A ninja who can’t keep his mouth shut with a girl who is the complete opposite of him. Then finally, you’ll meet the perfectionist. The perfectionist has two sisters who hate and can’t stand his meltdowns. Each one of them will come one together to fight off evil, even though they all have one same goal. This anime also has an amazing yet wacky art style. Ghoul (dark fantasy and supernatural)

Kaneki is a kind hearted person who just wanted to go on a date, but got more than that. In the world, there are creatures called Ghouls. Ghouls eat human flesh and can look like any other person. His date was one of them. She fails to kill him because a crane falls upon both of them. However, Rize (his date) didn’t survive, but Kaneki ended up needing a transplant causing him to become half ghoul. How will he live his days as half ghoul?

I hope that the anime you have chosen to watch will leave you breathless! >.<