My Top 3 Favorite Songs Currently


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Kihara Espinosa, Writer

Have you ever had those 3 or more songs you just have been addicted to? You just keep playing them on repeat. That’s how I am right now. My top three as of October 7th, 2021 are Hurricane by Kanye West. His latest album Donda has really been a hit. After not releasing an album for a long time people went crazy over this one. 

Another one would be TSU by Drake. He also has recently dropped an album, it hasn’t been as long as Kanye but people still go crazy after his too. Kanye’s album Donda and Drake’s album Certified Lover Boy have been really tough for me to pick from. 

And finally Power Trip by J. Cole. Power Trip came out a while ago but I still like it. I’m sometimes very picky with my music. So my top 3 songs will probably be different in 2 months or so. I like to have songs in my playlist that I don’t skip and can listen to and enjoy all of it. I love listening to music and I’m glad I found an area that I enjoy listening to.