Jeffrey Dahmer

Denisse Lozano, Writer

Jeffry Dahmer’s first victim was named Steven Hicks, Dahmer led him to his parents house and strangled him and beat him with a barrel to death before dismembering him and putting him in bags.

His next kill was in 1987, his name was Steven Tuomi, they checked out a room in a hotel and they drank a lot. When Dahmer woke up he found Steven dead, and not remembering anything from the previous night.

Jeffry murdered 17 men through all his life.

Jeffry also sexual harrassed a 13 year old by doing inappropriate stuff with him but the 13 year old alerted the police and Jeffrey got sent to prison for one year 

Jeffry was killed in November 28 1994 by a fellow prison mate named Christopher Scarver, he beat him with a metal bar to death also another guy so when the guards came in he found both men dead and Christopher with the metal bar.