What You Need to Know on Starting Art

A Guide to the Basics


Bea L., Blogger

You want to get into art? Great! First, you’re going to need to decide what you’re going to draw with. Are you going to use watercolors? What about simple, pencil sketches? You want to use pastels, no?

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/b8/d9/f7/b8d9f73b37a6e10e6ad14ddc221f43bd.jpgThere are so many choices and there’s no wrong decision. It’s up to what you think looks nice and are comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to try everything!

If you do decide to use watercolor, start with the basics of watercoloring. They will really help in everything you need to get started.

Want to venture into the http://www.artacademylive.com/images/chuckmclachlan-SketchingLayeredObjects.jpg
sketching community? No problem. To start sketching, all you really need is a pencil. It could be any pencil, whether it’s specifically a drawing pencil or one you found on the ground from your science class, it doesn’t really matter. Here’s a 
couple of videos that are about technique. By the way, the guy in the second video has a whole series on sketching so feel free to watch them all.

So maybe neither of the two were your type, why don’t you give pastels a shot? There are two kinds of pastels, oil and chalk.http://www.isaachernandez.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Isaac-Hernandez-oil-pastel-3290.jpg  People have compared oil pastels to crayons, except they’re much creamier and you have the ability to mix colors together. Chalk pastels are the complete opposite and are very loose and a little bit dusty, so be careful. You also have the ability to mix colors as well. Here are videos on oil and chalk. The guy in the video also refers to chalk as soft, but it means the same thing so don’t worry.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh my goodness, there’s so many things happening. What is this girl even saying anymore??”

I can promise you that I (mostly) know what I am doing, despite my age saying the opposite. Art shouldn’t be a problem. Everyone can draw no matter what, and the only thing that determines it is your willingness to try.

*Everything sounds really cheesy, my bad.