Top 10 Shooter Games

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Angel Pelaez, Writer

My top 10 is going to be 

1 BO1

2 BO2

3 Apex 

4 Warzone

5 BO3

6 Halo 2

7 Pub G  

 8 Valorant 

9 Rainbow Six Siege

10 Fortnite 

These are my top 10 the first 5 are the best because they have been here for a while and and I use to play the ma lot in last is Fortnite it’s prime was the best but now it’s the worst and if you like don’t talk to me. My number one is b01 because it as a lot of stuff and b02 was just a copy but with better zombie maps and guns.

R6s is in 9 only because in every game there is usually a hacker but other than that it’s fun. Valorant I’ve never tried but it looks really fun just that the controls are very hard. Pub g is decent. The only reason why it is seven it’s because I used to play it a lot but now it’s just laggy servers and not fun. Warzone and Apex are both debatable to which is better in my opinion Apex is better theres barely hacker and theres update unlike Warzone. The only reason why Warzone and Apex are above BO3 is because of when I played BO3 I played when I was a kid and Warzone and Apex are more recent and when I played with friends but if we are just talking about the game BO3 would be in 3rd.