Top 10 Sports Video Games

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Angel Pelaez, Writer

1  FIFA  15   

2 FIFA 14

3 Madden 22

4 FIFA 13 

5 FIFA 12 

6  NBA 2k

7 UFC 2

8 FIFA 08 

9  NHL 20

10   UFC 4 

The only reason why my last three are the old FIFA is that they memorable but the graphics weren’t as good as FIFA 20 but anything is very good. UFC 2 was good can’t say much only played a few times. FIFA 14 is my 6 because the graphic from 13 14 was a big change and I liked it a lot. NHL 20 was fun played with my cousin but anything else is okay.

Now going to my top 4 is debatable but I put in 4 UFC 4 i just like it because it’s like  fun to play and it looks real my 3 is Madden 22. I haven’t played it much but I do like it. Good graphic rating on players could be better but overall really fun. For 2 is NBA it’s only fun with friends this is because anything else like online 1 v1 you get some try hard player and ruin the vibe when you are just trying to play for fun. My number one is FIFA 15. I love FIFA 15. Good graphics and  amazing memories with friends and family and this also is the first FIFA I bought with my own money. This is my top 10.