Ted Bundy’s Life

Jennifer Gabriel Salazar, Writer

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who murdered, Kidnapped and raped various young women and girls. Ted Bundy grew up having a difficult childhood and he had a difficult relationship with his step father and his school life wasn’t any better. Ted Bundy was a shy kid growing up causing him to get bullied. His real name is Theodore Robert Bundy, he was born on November 24, 1946.  Although Ted Bundy got bullied by his classmates he was a great, intelligent student. Once Theodore entered his teenage years he started acting strange by staring at peoples windows and started thinking what he wanted to steal without any hesitation or regret.

Ted Bundy got caught by driving his vehicle and got stopped by a police officer and got his car searched. The cops found tape, rope, a crowbar, a face mask, and handcuffs in the back of his car. The police sent him to jail and started unraveling all the crimes he committed. Ted Bundy was then later sent to court where he confessed to killing 36 of young women across the world between the 1970s.