How to Complete Minecraft

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Anne Kralj, Writer

When you first spawn in, you should get some wood then try to find a village so you can get food and a house to stay in the first night. Next you should make tools and a bucket of water. Then find a lava pool and use the bucket of water to make a nether portal then light the portal with flint and steel. Then, you have entered the Nether.

When you spawn in the nether the first thing you should do is find a Warped Forest biome. That is the biome with blue trees and lots of Endermen. You have to kill the endermen to get ender pearls. After that, find a nether fortress and locate the blaze spawner. You kill the blazes to collect blaze rods. You should get 8-10 blaze rods so you have enough later on in the game. Next, locate your original portal to get back to the overworld.

When you are back in the overworld, craft the blaze rods into blaze powder then craft the blaze powder and ender pearls into Eyes of Ender then throw one of them to start heading to the end portal. When you throw an eye, it will point you in the direction of the portal. When the eye starts pointing down, dig down till you find the stronghold.

Once you have found the stronghold, locate the frame then put the eyes of ender in the frame to activate the portal. Once you have spawned in the End, the first thing you should do is destroy the end crystals at the top of the obsidian pillars so the dragon can’t gain health. Once you have done that, then you can shoot the ender dragon with your bow or you can wait for the dragon to come down to the middle and you can kill it with a sword. It might take a little while to kill the dragon but you will eventually get it done.

There are a few different ways to complete Minecraft but in my opinion, this way is the easiest.