Top 10 Best Marvel Movies

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TJ Spina, Writer

(Rankings as of December 9, 2021.)

10- Captain America The Winter Soldier 

This movie is a great spy movie, where the government gets overrun by spies. There is chaos everywhere and nobody can trust anyone. The action and plot are great, there are just some better options to watch.

9- Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

This movie has some great comedy and the main villain is great, but there are just too many things going on in this movie. I also didn’t like how they split up the Guardians. Even with that it is still a great choice to watch.

8- Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

This movie has some great scenery and some great comedy as well. I like how they brought some characters back from the past movies that we hadn’t seen in a while. The villain in this movie is probably the best part about it. I think that the final battle tried to do a little too much and it gets a little stale during the middle of the movie, but overall it is great.

7- Spider-Man Far From Home 

This movie has some great comedy and I love the things Spider-Man is going through in his head. I like the sort of mysterious theme about the villain, but in my opinion, he could’ve been a lot better, but this movie is still really enjoyable to watch.

6- Captain America Civil War

This movie has some of the best action, and I love some of the really cinematic moments in this movie. When action is happening this is a top 3 movie, but a lot of the movie is just really boring. I do really like how the villain is just one guy who doesn’t fight them but makes them want to fight each other. 

5- Black Panther

This movie has some great topics and I love the scenery of Wakanda. This movie has my favorite villain in all of the marvel movies, because I think he has the right ideas, he just has the wrong way of doing them. The final battle in this movie is a bit underwhelming, and the special effects in it aren’t great, but overall this is a great movie.

4- Avengers Endgame

This movie is basically just a movie to look back on everything else. This movie starts off a bit slow, which it should, it just doesn’t suck you into it right away. The middle of the movie gets better and the final battle is the best fight scene I have ever seen in a movie. The villain is great and the ending is even better. This movie is some people’s favorite, it’s just that I enjoy watching some other movies more.

3- Spider-Man Homecoming

This is a great introduction to another new Spider-Man. They have already tried twice before and this one does it pretty well. In this movie you really feel for the villain, as he is just trying to survive. I like how they used Iron Man in this movie. I just wish they didn’t connect these two so much, but overall it is a great, funny, family superhero movie.

2- Thor Ragnarok

This movie has some of the best comedy and color in all of these movies. The characters in this movie are fan favorites and I love how they incorporate all of them into this movie smoothly. It doesn’t feel like anything is forced. The villain really brings this movie down as she is very generic. I love how they outsmart the villain at the end, and I love the message of this movie. The soundtrack is really great, and overall it is one of the best movies in the Marvel universe.

1- Avengers Infinity War

This movie is full of action. You can show this to anyone and they will be invested. There is so much happening in this movie, but it works. The villain has some great motivation and all of the characters in this movie are all super well incorporated together. This movie had been building up for ten years when it came out, and it broke records. This is why this is the best movie.