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1988 VS 2019 Childs play



Chantal Brito, Writers

!WARNING! Spoilers ahead 

SummaryChild’s play 1988 follows the story of a murder Charles Lee Ray,  after running from police and on the brink of death he runs into a toy shop and does the only thing he can to save his own life. He grabs the new popular good guy doll that all the kids want and transfers his soul into the doll. Escaping both death and prison, even though being a doll has its benefits, Charles needed to transfer his soul into a human body before he’d be stuck as a doll forever. Lucky for Charles he got gifted to 6 year old Andy Barclay taking the persona of just a regular old good guys doll named Chucky. 

As Andy slowly realizes that his doll is not like the rest he tries to escape the doll and warn his mother and authorities but he is not taken seriously. After many deaths and the same toddler footsteps being found the mother started to realize her son was not crazy but it was too late. The movie ends with Andy’s mother taken to a mental facility leaving Andy to go into foster care after successfully escaping Chucky. For now. This story line is continued until child’s play 3 and after was given to different owners who made their own version of Chucky. 

My reviewI would say this movie was ahead of its time leaving children scared of their dolls with their realistic looking moving Chucky dolls in the movie. Winning the weekend at the box offices and being referred to as one of the most enduring horror franchises. I really enjoyed this movie because it was horror but had its moments of humor which made the movie great. Also making the doll keep its doll-like features even when moving, talking, walking, etc. Overall super classic, very well done movie that many people enjoyed and remember still to this day. 

Comparison In 2019 Lars Klevberg came out with a Child’s Play remake which I’ll get into the actual movie in a different post but let’s compare the 2 for the ones who’ve already watched it or read my other post. The doll in the 1988 Child’s Play I’d say the doll when moving and talking still keeps his doll like features and when he is not moving he looks like a normal doll kids would actually enjoy. Unlike in the 2019 which the doll looks possessed from the start I don’t think any reasonable kid would look at that doll and not be creeped out. 

The backstory- the 2019 definitely had the weaker backstory out of the two in the 1988 we have a murder transfer his soul to a doll to save himself from jail, in 2019 we have a boss not many people liked so one of them decided to take off the safety future off the robot. Not very interesting. This factor also made the reasons behind the kill very different. The kills – in 1988 Chucky kills for fun, because he’s a serial killer who finds humor and joy out of killing which makes the kills much more enjoyable to watch as an audience. As in 2019 the robot is kinda like a clueless child who doesn’t know right from wrong so when he does the killing it doesn’t give you that same level of entertainment as the original one. Do give points to 2019 because their kills were actually pretty good. I was very much surprised. 

In my opinion the original will always be better than the remake but what do you think?