Most Disturbing Cases

Unsolved Murder Cases

Betsi Rodriguez, Writer

The most disturbing cases of murders that have never been solved is one of the most scariest thing. Imagine finding 2 people shot in a car. With 1 of them being alive but dying on the way to the hospital and the other one dead before the police even got there. A year passed after this incident and it was the same thing happening with these people. Another scene was found with 2 people shot inside a car and then 1 of them surviving. This killer named himself the Zodiac killer. He would go around killing as many as 37 people in total because he thought it was so much fun. In 1974 after taking 3 more people’s lives his final letter stated Me=37 SFPD=0. The true identity of this man was never discovered.

Another case we’re gonna talk about is “The Jamison Family Disappearance”. This is the case of a family that went missing in thin air. There was Bobby Dale, Sherilyn Leighann and their daughter Madyson Stormy Star. They were all seen for the last time by a man that lived by the mountains. They were looking to purchase a plot of land about 40-acres. After all of that about 8 days later their truck was found about a quarter mile away from where they were last seen. With all of their values in it like wallets, purses, even their dog was still alive after so long. And then out of nowhere 4 years later a hunter found the remains of 2 adult and a child’s bones, less than 3 miles from where their truck was found.  Nothing explains what happened to them and as then their disappearance is unknown. Why did they do this?