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1988 VS 2019 Child’s Play

Chantal Brito, Writer

!WARNING! Spoilers ahead 

SummaryChild’s Play 2019 starts off introducing us to the brand new buddy robot which is able to control devices all over the house such as tv, speaker, etc. When the boss of the factory makes his employees not very happy, one decided he has had enough and takes off all of the robot’s safety features, leaving the doll to do whatever it is told. When this doll is given to Andy, he’s not very sure how to feel about it but ends up taking it to make sure his mom didn’t feel bad. Throughout the movie the robot acts like a small child who doesn’t know any better but everything is fine until Andy decides to show his doll to his new friends who weren’t teaching Chucky the best of things. Later the young kids were watching a Leatherface movie.

The robot watched as the kids laughed in joy watching Leatherface kill people, making Chucky decide to take a knife. Luckily the kids stopped him but it only got worse after this. When Andy is getting a little irritated at his cat, Chucky, wanting to always make Andy happy, tries to choke the cat when Andy comes in and knocks the robot off; he starts realizing the gravity of this issue. When Andy forgets about the doll and is very upset with his stepdad, Chucky sees this and goes on to kill Andy’s stepdad and brings back Andy a gift inspired by the Leatherface movie. At this point the kids deactivate him and throw him down a garbage shoot but he ends up coming back with another kill and with the mindset that all the people around Andy were trying to separate them. The movie ends with Andy trying to stop Chucky from killing his mother and ends up smashing the doll with the help of this cop and his mother. 

My review Overall I believe this movie had a good concept but could’ve been played out better. This movie had its enjoyable moments but still had a lot of things I’d change about this movie as in the doll itself, the doll’s motive and background I think could have been done much better. I did enjoy the movie more than I thought I did but compared to the original it wasn’t nearly as good or memorable.  

ComparisonThis movie was based on the 1988 series Child’s Play which I made a post going into more details of this movie but for now let’s compare the two. Characters– In the 1988 Child’s Play the doll is given to a 6 year old boy which I think does make more sense compared to a 12 year old who would more easily be able to explain how a doll is alive and probably be more believed/taken seriously then a 6 year old. Did like the fact the 2019 one did in bring in more characters sense in the original Andy was more on his own experiencing all this. 

The dolls intentions- In our original 1988 Chucky the doll is possessed by a serial killer Charles Lee Ray meaning all of his kills are intended and he understands what it means to kill while as in the 2019 one again we see more of a clueless child who thinks he’s doing good when killing which doesn’t give the same entertainment. The storyline- in 1988 we follow Chucky trying to find Andy to transfer his soul and killing anyone that gets in his way also watching this little 6 year only boy who is terrified and constantly being ignored/ told crazy. While in 2019 all the robot tries to do is to please Andy by  doing anything he believes will make him happy which ends up going down hill. In my opinion I will always rather follow a serial killer’s adventure in a doll than a clueless robot.  

In my opinion the original will always be better than the remake version but what do you think?