Reality in music? Couldn’t be me

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Alondra Antonio, Writer

Believe it or not lyrics can have meanings and we can also relate to them. They can be meaningful for different reasons and emotions you might have. For me when I hear a verse I relate to I get very emotional and after that it’s just like one of those things where I listen to it over and over while imagining scenarios in my head. It’s pretty funny.
Depending on the person it can be different, others might get emotional like me or they would just start jamming out. It’s just crazy how we each handle things differently and that makes us great, that we all have our own unique things. And now you might question why REALLY are they meaningful and that’s why I’m here to tell you why. So you know when something impactful happens in your life and it’s in your memories for life, yeah a verse can take you back to that great or horrible moment. Even just one word and from that it just takes you to your imagination where it can be good or bad. And maybe that’s why your favorite song IS your favorite song or not.
For example the verse from the song “Adventure of a Lifetime”, “You make me feel like I’m alive again,” those words just remind me of people that make me happy and overall memorable moments that I had with them and that is something special to me.