Who doesn’t love some drama?

Asian Dramas


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Fernanda Fernandez, Writer

I’m sure some of you have watched an Asian drama before. Now if you haven’t you might have heard of them.  It’s exactly as the name says, but in other words it’s basically Asian shows. Now you may be wondering why I’m telling you this. In reality, I just want to share my opinion about them in general. I’ve watched many dramas, the top two types of dramas I watch are Korean and Chinese, mostly romance. 

From the shows I’ve watched so far, my opinion is definitely that Asian dramas are great. Most of them really have a way to grasp my attention so I seem to enjoy them, and a lot. They show so much emotion and the storylines are amazing. My top favorites to watch are romantic ones due to the fact they get me excited over small things, like a simple hug. Just any small interaction the main leads have really. By far they’re my favorite shows to watch. Not only because they have a way to make me enjoy them, but I also grasp some words in the language they’re in. So overall I think Asian dramas are great and more people should watch them.