Dead Boy Found in Cardboard Box

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Roi DeHeer, Writer

A 6-year-old boy’s body was found in February of 1957, 64 years later, we are the closest to learning who the child is. Ivy Hill Cemetery in Northwest Philadelphia is the place for hundreds of dead people. In the front, the first grave you will see this is the resting place for “The Boy in the Box.” [I want to go to this cemetery to leave flowers and a offering for his grave] Flowers are left for the 6 year old murder victim. Cemetery workers care for the space. Someone said “It would be great to know who we are putting the flowers out for,” the boy continues to be called the boy without a name.

Bob Kuhlmeier with the Philadelphia Police have Special Investigations, His identity was lost, his body parts were found in a box in February, 1957. “Can we give him a name?” Kuhlmeier asked, [I think that they should have just called him box boy until they found out who he was] a veteran detective who kept the investigation in motion. When Kuhlmeier was growing up in Fox Chase at 10 years old, he heard about the boy who was found along a road in a box.The cause of death is blunt force trauma, It seemed that he was clean and had his hair cut. There’s something about the Boy in the Box case that must be solved. 

Philadelphia detectives two years ago got an order to look at the remains of the Boy in the Box. They were able to retrieve some of his DNA and it was then sent to a lab in Europe that now has given them the most hope. They found the boy’s name. Police now have a DNA profile they hope leads them to family the members of the little boy. Investigators say this gives them a new direction. These detectives are looking into what can only be hoped to be the thing that’s kept them up at night wondering what the name of The Boy in the Box is. The boy in the boxes name is Jonathan.