The first part of the only correct theme park list in the world

The first part of the only correct theme park list in the world

Dave Teixeira, Writer

The United States is known for a lot of things. The cities, the food, and many other things that might attract people from other countries or even tourists from other cities. There is one thing in particular that is sure to bring crowds and lots and lots of tourists. Theme parks. Some are bigger than others. Others have more attractions than its competitors. They are all unique in their own way and have several different rides and dozens of different attractions that will for sure bring big crowds to your park. Some attractions, or roller coasters even, are better than others which lead the park to be better than others. Today, I will be giving you my top 4 theme parks in the United States.

Something to note: These aren’t the best parks in the US. These are the best parks I WENT TO. I haven’t been to a lot of parks but I’m going to rank the best ones I have been to. So here we go, my top 4 theme parks in the United States of America.

Number 4: Six Flags Great America – Gurnee, Illinois. While this is my home park, and I have been there over 50 times, it is still one of my favorite parks to go to when it is opened over the summer. With great roller coasters like Goliath, Raging Bull, X-Flight, and Maxx Force, this park always packs a punch every time you come here. This park has a really good variety of coasters. 15 of them in total, and all of them leave you wanting more when you hit the final break run and go back to the station.

Number 3: Six Flags Great Adventure – Jackson, New Jersey. This park is insanely good. The rides here not only offer a lot but this is also the biggest park in America including its giant safari. The rides collection at this park are really good. Some of the rides there are really good like one of my favorite rides ever El Toro. This park also has the tallest and second fastest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka, standing at an astounding 456 ft tall. The park also has other good coasters like Nitro, Bizarro, Jersey Devil, and a couple others. 

This is the first part of my list. The second part of the list will have my #2 and #1 favorite parks in the US. Thank you for reading.