Why do These Disney Princesses Represent Outcasts?

Disney Princesses

Photo from https://disneyplusbrasil.com.br/encanto-diretor-compara-filme-com-moana-e-fala-sobre-abordagem-de-questoes-familiares/

Photo from https://disneyplusbrasil.com.br/encanto-diretor-compara-filme-com-moana-e-fala-sobre-abordagem-de-questoes-familiares/

Bienna Hurtado, Writer

In my opinion Moana from Moana and Mirabel from Encanto represent outcasts the best although other Disney princesses have other challenges to overcome.  Both Moana and Mirabel have the feeling that they don’t belong and are meant to do much more. Throughout the movies you’ll see that they finally accept who they are and in the end they do what they are meant to do.  In the beginning they feel like they are supposed to be at or above their families expectations. By the end they can show who they really are and they can be whatever they want to.

Moana and Mirabel show that it is okay to be who you really are. They show that you can break restrictions and that you don’t always have to be “perfect”. I believe that a lot of people can relate to their movies/stories because not everybody can fit the expectations. I think that both characters show that not everyone can be what other people want you to be. In the end they both can become Disney idols for younger children who feel like they don’t fit the expectations.