Do you know the difference between these princesses?

Bienna Hurtado, Writer

The similarities that Moana from Moana and Mirabel from Encanto have is that they are both POC (people of color). Moana is Polynesian and Mirabel is Columbian. Another similarity is that they both have curly hair. Also, they both have dreams of doing more than what’s expected of them. Moana and Mirabel both have jewelry, Moana has a necklace and Mirabel has earrings.

The differences between Moana and Mirabel is that even though they are both POC they are different ethnicities. Another difference is that Moana has a small family and Mirabel has a very big and close family. Another difference is that Moana has powers that let the water and her work together and Mirabel does not have any powers. Moana has long hair and Mirabel has short hair. The last difference is that Mirabel has glasses and Moana doesn’t.