Theories of the Dyatlov Group Demise

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Mercury Rosales, Writer

Hello, my name’s Mercury and I will be talking about a case that can be known as “The Dyatlov Group demise”.  This case is now 63 year old and still remains unsolved. The story begins in February 1959, when 9 experienced  Russian mountaineers were found dead. It is estimated that they died on either February 1st or 2nd.  There were originally 10 hikers but halfway through the hike one of them left because they felt it was too cold. 

 After a couple of days there was no contact from the men and the people they knew had begun to become worried.  The police were called to go check on them and when they arrived, they were met with a horrible scene.  They saw the campsite of the men but approaching closer they saw that the hikers tent was ripped and on the ground.  Inspecting near the campsite the hikers were found dead and without their clothing for the freezing weather.  It was speculated that perhaps the men were attacked by an unknown person who ripped their tent open. That idea was soon dropped after it was discovered that the tent was ripped open from the inside. 

Soon after the bodies were discovered and the investigation was still going Russia requested that the families were to bury the hikers there in Russia to keep the incident under wraps.  This led to multiple accusations and theories about the incident which we shall now go over. Multiple of the theories are sorta ridiculous in my opinion but may seem believable to others.

 1 theory contains photos of one of the hikers. The last photo taken before the hikers were estimated to be dead was a photo of an unknown creature walking behind the trees. This led people to believe that the hikers were killed by a yeti. I heavily disagree with this theory. It isn’t realistic and is just ridiculous. 

 Theory 2 is that the Russian government did a bomb test or some sort of experiment leading to the deaths of the hiker which is the reason they wanted to cover their deaths up.  I do believe that this theory is possible but there is no evidence behind it. There also was no sign of any bomb test or radiation nearby.

Theory 3 is an alien attack. This is another I don’t believe in but many thought that perhaps the hikers were attacked and killed by aliens after the people in a nearby village reported seeing strange lights the day the hikers were estimated to be dead. 

Theory 4 is the theory I believe in the most. It is theorized that they died by an avalanche, there are some things that could confirm that 6 of the hikers were confirmed to have died of hypothermia. The other 3 had died of injuries such as, internal bleeding from severe chest trauma and a fatal skull injury. The areas of the body also would make sense from where they were found. Though that would still leave the question on why they would rip their tent open and run out in the nude. Out of all these theories in my opinion number 4 is the most believable but, what do you think?