What some guns are/were meta in Warzone

Victor Orozco, Writer

This blog is going to be about which gun is the best to use in Warzone at this moment in time. So, Warzone came out March 10, 2020 after Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare came out October 25, 2019. Let’s start off with the Kilo 141 assault rifle came into play with every skill level player would use the rifle. The Kilo has a base damage of 42 for headshots and 28 for anywhere around the enemy’s body w/ full health. They either decided to pair up the Kilo with a R-99 shotgun w/fire rounds or Kar98k sniper rifle.  

Next up, the Grau 5.56 is an assault rifle that takes skill to use without a scope and to use a laser sight. The Grau is a good long and short range weapon with a base damage of 42 with headshots and 28 for anything else around the opponents body w/ full health. When you really think about it every Modern Warfare weapon has the same base damage in their own category. The best weapon to pair the Grau with would be a Mp5 (MW or CW) or with the Kar98k with both having good range and TTK (time to kill) which is a good TTK.