The girl who was never found

Mysteries unsolved

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Mercury Rosales, Writer

1988 in Belen, New Mexico, September 20th morning a girl named Tara Calico had wanted to go on a bike ride, and so she took her mothers pink bike. At the time she worked as a bank teller but was studying to become a psychiatrist.  That very day she had planned to play tennis that afternoon but she never came home at noon, she didn’t come home at all. It soon became a missing persons case but every lead and clue given to the police always led to a dead end. That was until a Polaroid picture found in a parking lot of a junior food store in Florida was found.

The picture found showed a girl the same age as Tara and a young boy both gagged, lying near Taras favorite book, in a van. The identified as nine year old Micheal Henly, also went missing in the same area as Tara after going turkey hunting with his dad. Despite the evidence Tara’s mother did not believe that the female in the photo was her daughter  despite the fact the female has a similar scar as Tara. Due to lack of evidence that photo was discarded. Which I find mildly infuriating even if the photo wasn’t considered a part of the case. I do feel like they should’ve looked more into it. 

In 1990 Micheal Henly’s body was found in the same mountains where he was abducted making it even less likely that the 2 were taken to Florida. After many years Tara’s family would eventually die never knowing where their daughter was taken, or what had happened to her.