Why Beidou is the the loml (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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Why Beidou is the the loml (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Cristal Quinones, Writer

I love Beidou. Beidou is my life. Beidou, (Pronounced Bay-doe) is a really hot pirate lady from a video game called Genshin Impact. I’m going to state the millions and trillions of reasons why i’m so passionate for her. Personally, she is my #1. But I also have many other favorites. Beidou is honestly superior. Beidou solos tbh.

FIRST. Beidou is so yas. When I first got her in game, I was honestly super sad because I wanted another character. But after a while, she grew on me. And I now love her so much. She’s also an alcoholic. It’s okay though. I’d let her drink any day. She has brown hair and brown ALMOST red eyes. And she also has a super epic eye patch. Her outfit is red and black. She has this like, cloak/cape thing. It’s so awesome. Her design is so cool!!

But I’ll be totally honest my build (character add-ons/improvements. Like artifacts to improve healing and attack skills) for her is absolute GARBAGE. Her damage is so DOG WATER. The only good thing I’ve ever given Beidou is a somewhat mediocre weapon. And honestly that weapon was ALSO dog water. 

Personally, I think Beidou one of the best characters in Genshin Impact, not just because she’s a pirate lol, but because she makes me very happy emotionally. I like how my gameplay goes with her. My party (term in Genshin used for team) is really good and I get lots of good attacks with her and my other characters. She may not do good damage on her own because MY build for her is bad, (SHE HAS POTENTIAL OF DOING GREAT DAMAGE BUT I SUCK AT BUILDING TT.) but I’ve seen lots of my online friends use Beidou and her attacks are immaculate!! Beidou is a great character and I’d hope you all agree :]