Women comes back to live for 49 days



Photo From : https://asianwiki.com/Hi_Bye_Mama

Vanessa Casiano, Writer

This is why I love hi bye mama.The drama is about  Cha Yu-ri, a mom who dies and has the chance to live again for 49 days, but if she wants to stay alive again permanently she has to get her place back in the world but her husband remarried.  So in order to be close to her daughter she starts working at the daycare she goes to, and tries to avoid most people she knows because they don’t know she is alive, but the hardest thing is that her husband recognized her.

Why  I love this drama is because, I watched this drama with my mom and I enjoyed spending that time with her. Another reason is on how the characters interact with each other, especially in later episodes. My favorite part of the whole show is how in each episode Yu-ri, manages to spend time with her daughter and being close to her no matter what. When I got to the end I cried because I didn’t expect it to end like that and I didn’t want the show to end.

Overall it’s a heartwarming  show that shows you about the perspective of the living and dead, and on how it’s hard to leave your child you never met and your loved ones . Hi bye, mama made me think about how hard it is to say goodbye to someone you love especially when it is unexpected.