Why Ayaka is my favorite girl (TRUE FACTS)

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Why Ayaka is my favorite girl (TRUE FACTS)

Cristal Quinones, Writer

AYAKA MY CYRO QUEEN. Ayaka, (pronounced ah-ya-ka) is also one of my most favorited Genshin characters EVER. ever since I started playing Genshin Impact, I’ve seen lots of leaks of Ayaka. And I’ve loved her since. When one of Genshin’s banner updates came along, Ayaka had been officially released and I had my money prepared!! I spent my own allowance just to increase my chances of getting Ayaka. And when I got her, I cried of literal joy. I even told my dad, he didn’t really care. I sure did though!

Ayaka is very very pretty, her design is AMAZING!!! Ayaka has icy blue hair, styled in bangs and a long and slim ponytail. Her eyes are a deep blue, they’re so pretty. She has a very pretty dress but I’m not sure what you’d call it. She is a #sword user!! She also has this really cool add-on, she can sprint on water, and it becomes ice under her!!

Ayaka belongs to a very important family, (KAMISATO FAMILY :D) in Inazuma, (A place in the Genshin globe). She’s very respectful and kind. I honestly relate to Ayaka when it comes to being a bit lonely. It’s a sad feeling, but making friends is what can uplift your spirits! In Ayaka’s beginning mission, traveler (your beginner character, MAIN character of the Genshin plot) is introduced to Ayaka, and finds out even as popular as she is, she doesn’t have many companions. But after meeting traveler, she feels a bit better.

I like Ayaka because of how relatable she is. Her personality is understanding and naive. She’s really well developed, and I love her so so much. The 50+ dollars i spent for her were definitely worth it. She’s one of my most valuable characters, I built her really well and is one of my characters that does most of my damage.