Aiden Mounce, Writer

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The hit kids TV show The Backyardigans, is actually communist propaganda. To further prove my claim we’ll start with one of the characters in the show, Pablo. Pablo is a penguin featured in a two part two episode special called International Super Spy,  In the first episode: International Super Spy Part One, Pablo claims his job is to protect the world from “evil doers”, this claim is in fact false. Pablo is a communist spy from the communist country China.

How do I know this? Later in the episode Pablo claims that his super secret spy base is located on Miami Beach, Florida. That is a lie, Pablo’s real communist spy base is located on a remote island in China. I know this because during that same scene in the background you can see a city in the distance. This city very closely resembles buildings that appear to be located on a remote island in China. So you tell me. Is Pablo a happy go lucky spy penguin? Or is he really a communist spy?

Another reason to support my theory is that Pablo’s target later in the same episode is Uniqua. Uniqua’s base of operation is in London, England. London is a very big adversary to communism. That would explain why Pablo is attempting to take down Uniqua because she is a threat to the communists.

In conclusion, Pablo is a communist spy for the communist country China, therefore, the Backyardigans is communist propaganda.