True Stories From the Marvel Universe (Totally Not Made Up)



Lorenso Moore, Writer

This story happened when I was a kid in the year 1988. I was at the hospital because my mom was going into labor. I was in the halls when I got bored. So I asked my dad if I could go outside. He agreed admittedly with some begging so I went.

About fourteen minutes later a boy a little older than me came outside crying and then it was there. An alien ship it had a blinding light and just like that it beamed him up and was gone. I don’t know what happened to him but I told my dad and as you can imagine he didn’t believe me probably thought it was my imagination.

Guess now I know it was real cuz after that Captain America, a god, a big green guy, a man in a metal suit, a guy with a bow and arrow and a lady with two pistols fought an alien invasion in New York. Well that’s it, thanks for listening to my story.