The Backyardigans is the Best Show for Kids

Aiden Mounce, Writer

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The Backyardigans is the best show for kids, and here’s why. It influences creativity, promotes positive communication and role models.
The show’s changing settings introduce kids to different time periods and geographical locations and the cultures, animals, and vegetation indigenous to them. All of those is very important to for kids learn while growing up and give them a head start at their learning.
The five friends at the center of the story work together to create their mystical backyard landscapes and find their way through musical adventures and challenges. Each character is unique in physical characteristics and emotional traits, which sometimes include less admirable (but age-appropriate) ones such as bossiness and timidity, but they’re all good models of friendship at some point. Each episode’s story usually illustrates positive qualities such as honesty or kindness through the characters as well.
In conclusion, let your younglings watch The Backyardigans.