Mundelein Needs to Fix Potholes!

The mission for smooth roads

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Danny Mahoney, Writer

Mundelein is constantly bullied for the countless amounts of potholes in their roads. Roads all over the place are breaking apart and only some of them get repaved. On some occasions other roads are in more urgent need of repair than the roads that actually get repaved. 

Some officials in the Mundelein High School are even taking the issue into their own hands and repairing potholes in the front parking lot. Though there is a section of the Mundelein website that allows the public to suggest potholes to be repaired, this method isn’t very effective. 

More than 5 years ago I was riding bikes down a road in my neighborhood with my friend. My friend’s bike went into a pothole which caused him to crash, and lead to an injury. That same road was paved just last year. I have seen potholes so bad as a foot wide pothole next to a sewer, that you couldn’t even see the bottom of.

Concluding my point, Mundelein really needs a better method/program to repair potholes and just roads in general.