Witches aren’t welcome??




Maria Maldonado, Writer

One of my favorite Ghibli movies is Kiki’s Delivery Service. I think this movie has a great plot and I really enjoy the music. The movie was released on December 20th, 1990. The main character, Kiki, is a young 13 year old witch. She has a black cat named Jiji, she keeps Jiji with her all the time. Witches have a tradition that whenever a witch turns 13 they are to settle somewhere far away from home and live on their own for a couple years to practice magic and to assist the people.

Due to this being an old tradition people don’t think they need a witch to help them and live amongst them which makes it hard for Kiki to get along with anyone. Kiki starts working at a bakery and in a post office, she delivers packages on her broom. After a while of thinking she can’t do anything she loses her ability to fly, and her broom breaks as she falls from a tree. She meets a guy who wants to be her friend but because he was too persistent Kiki avoids him for a while, at the end when the boy is in danger as she tries to save him she grabs a random broom and tries to fly but can’t, I think it’s obvious to some that she does end up flying again when she becomes determined to save the boy. She does end up becoming friends with him.

Some of the characters that I really like are the girl she meets in the forest, the old lady, and the woman at the bakery. Ursula is the girl in the forest, at first I thought she was mean because she did not want to return a present back to Kiki, something she had to deliver to a little boy. I ended up really liking her and the drawings she made. She seemed like a really energetic person. I like how Jiji had kittens at the end of the movie too. I thought this was a really good movie and it was something unique.