Mundelein Needs More Cafes and Restaurants

What people actually want

Danny Mahoney, Writer

Downtown Mundelein has a small variety of places you could go to eat, or get a drink. These places include McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Tina G’s, Bill’s Pizza, etc. However, in my opinion I think that Mundelein is still lacking restaurants, cafes, shops, and more.

I think that out of everything, Mundelein needs more small businesses, like a smoothie shop or a bakery. A frozen yogurt place would be perfect, because kids love frozen yogurt, and they always walk to Dunkin after school. A smoothie cafe would work as well. This is a perfect example of why we need more variety, because Dunkin mainly has just donuts, ice cream, and coffee. 

For a frozen yogurt place, a Tutti Frutti or Menchies would be great, because both businesses have many locations in our area (Northeastern Illinois). Jamba Juice and Tropical Smoothie Cafe would also be nice for smoothie shops. Though there is already a Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Mundelein, it is far outside of the downtown area. This means that it won’t get as much business traffic, because few students (if any) would walk there all the way from school, unless they have a car.

To conclude, Mundelein really needs more places to eat.