Best Horror Movies In THE WORLDDDD (Mansplaining) (NOT CLICKBAIT)


Best Horror Movies In THE WORLDDDD (Mansplaining) (NOT CLICKBAIT)

Levi Mireles, Writer

Horror Movies are always put into series or just have a single movie. Personally I like horror movies with series because there’s more of a plot and more screen time of your favorite slasher. (HARRY WARDEN) But ofc I still have love for my single movies because they are short and sweet. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Starting off with a series I grew up watching, The Child’s Play Series. It’s actually super entertaining and funny. Chucky is a possessed doll, Charles Lee Ray, and targets small children or teens. Sometimes he’ll still go after them as they get older, like Andy and Karen who were in the 1988 movie and later appeared in the  Chucky Series. I like the Chucky franchise because some of the movies are kinda coming of age and that’s another movie genre I like. And Chucky’s character is hilarious; he has a nasty attitude, turns everything into jokes, and acts like some kind of edgy teenager. I love him especially in The Bride of Chucky and The Seed of Chucky. Both were comedy horrors and very humorous, The Seed of Chucky is already explainable by its name. Besides Chucky I just adore Tiffany, his wife. She is so confident and just as funny as Chucky. Their rocky relationship just makes things more hilarious. The plot is a bit of a mess in both movies but I believe that is just because they were fillers. The rest of the series is good and explained well. Just like Halloween the Child’s Play franchise starts off with the slasher’s origin story, finds his victim, but wait, this killer turns into a doll? How unique! And he likes to scare little kids, how funny! Chucky’s original intention as a killer was to find a way to get back into his human self but being a doll grows onto him and he decides to stay one in The Seed of Chucky. Now in Curse of Chucky he finally targets someone grown and somehow possesses her and takes over her human body and discovers he likes the human body a little more now. But sometimes if Chucky is knocked out the woman who is being possessed can then become herself again and gains consciousness. She was declared insane and sent to jail for “killing someone” since no one believed a doll was making her do this, duh. And the next movie after this one is called Cult of Chucky where Charles Lee Ray just possesses a bunch of other dolls and starts a cult, targeting the same woman from the last movie again. Finally, the 2019 movie. No one talks about that movie and it’s awful so let’s move onto the Chucky Series. It’s a coming of age movie staring Jake Wheeler a teenaged boy who struggles living in a toxic household, being gay, and with school bullies and just being a loser. He finds Chucky in a yard sale, experiences weird events with him around and later finds out he can talk. Chucky then manipulates him into trying to kill his number one bully Lexy, and eventually his cousin he lives with since his dad died. Jake ends up not killing his bully and they become friends along with his cousin. Together they will end the curse of Charles Lee Ray. There’s a bit of humor, romance, and thriller in this series too, all my favorite. So as you can see I love this series a whole lot. 9.5/10

Now for the Scream franchise. Super good series. All 5 movies are basically the same just with different killers. The first movie is not necessarily my favorite but oh wow was it laid out nice and good. Movie starts with an unknown character who will not, (spoiler alert) be featured in the future. She gets a call from a creepy guy who later turns out to be a killer and is making her play a game to get her boyfriend to survive, who is outside her porch on the verge of death. She loses him and she dies and Ghostface is on screen all cool looking, BOOM. Now fast forward to the start our main character Sidney, her boyfriend Billy, her friends Stu, Tatum and Randy. The friends host a party and a bunch of people come over. But a killer seemed to have been invited too.  A lot of people are seen to be dying and just lying around the house. No one notices until Sidney finds her dead best friend. She reports it to the rest but they seem to be careless and think she’s joking. Everyone laughs it off including her boyfriend! Now Sidney goes out to call for help and meanwhile inside her boyfriend ends up feeling bad and goes out to find her and Stu offers to just look around in case she wasn’t actually kidding. Now a fast summary of what happens next is that the entire house party gets killed including Randy and Tatum who was the first body Sidney found and Sidney came back inside and saw Stu and Billy talking about what to do with the dead body, PLOT TWIST Stu and Billy are the killers. The three tussle and make sure Sidney dies so she doesn’t go out telling everyone but she successfully kills the two the cops show up BUT SUDDENLY Billy comes back to life but from behind he gets shot by RANDY! Another plot twist wow. Now the following of my favorite movies from the franchise are 3 and 4. Same plot except  in the 3rd movie Sidney is in better living conditions her friend Randy is dead now and movie directors are turning the incident into a movie called “Stab 3”. Now the killer is among one of the cast crew members and her friends now the old little friend group gets together to solve this puzzle (Dewey the Cop and Gale Weathers the news reporter plus Sidney) at yet again another house party. People get killed and Gale and Dewey were tied up leaving Sidney and the killer alone and the killer is revealed to be her brother who was not known to her but has been keeping a close eye on her by being in the cast, he tries to convince her to join him and start more killing sprees but she said no cause she’s cool and and Gale and Dewey got untied by themselves and break down the door, killing her brother, and like in every other movie the killer comes back a second time and Sidney was the one to kill him a second time, her own brother wow. It’s a bit different in the next movie because this time a teenager and her cousin, is jealous of the spotlight Sidney has and tries to kill her to become the next Prescott victim. She manipulates everyone into thinking she’s innocent but then goes around trying to kill Dewey, Gale, and Sidney.

And those are just two of my favorites, plus mainstream horror movies. I’d write more but I think these two for now are good at explaining why they’re my favorite horror movies. Also IT sucks.