Improving downtown Mundelein

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Charles Halvorsen, Writer

Downtown Improvements

 Have you had trouble crossing the street in downtown Mundelein? I know I have, sometimes the traffic is terrible there. What if I told you I may have a way to fix it? This idea includes rerouting traffic, shrinking roads and passing certain laws/rules to ban certain vehicles from driving down N Lake street.  First off at the South Lake street and IL 60 intersection all semi trucks have to turn or continue on IL 60. This rule will be reinforced by a police radar near the Jewel Osco. 

Second off, I have a proposal to alter North Lake street. Instead of attempting to cross a dangerous, 4-lane road this road would be shrunken to a 2-lane road, Much like downtown Libertyville. Widening the sidewalks will make the downtown more pedestrian friendly. This will hopefully improve business for many Downtown businesses Which could pay for part of the construction.

Last but not least, I want to make it illegal to drive a semi truck downtown, and I want to change the speed limit to 20 MPH.

Business Improvements

Many businesses downtown seem a little short of businesses, I have a few Ideas on how to improve them. 

Idea #1, My first idea is to host a flea market downtown each month, this can be included in the downtown farmers market, or held on its own. This may open up many opportunities for businesses, charity, and raffles. During this event, Part of North Lake street will be closed off to allow room for stalls. Speaking of stalls, different size stalls will be available for rent. Rent will vary depending on the size of the stall, the money collected will then go directly into improving the downtown. 

Idea #2, Discount day, twice a year downtown stores can give a discount on their products, this can vary from food, to flowers. Businesses would be able to choose the discount of their products.

Lastly, I think one of the best ways to get people to shop in downtown Mundelein is to advertise, this advertising would be for every business and say: Shop Mundelein.