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photo from wikipedia.

photo from wikipedia.

Noah Letts, Writer

What Could Possibly be in The MCU Phase 6?

So at SDCC 2022 Kevin Feige gave us the phase 6 slate for the MCU. He hid most of the projects. So today I am going to predict all the projects. I am going to base this on rumored projects as well as my hopes for the projects. I hope you agree with my predictions.

So first up we got a fall 2024 project. I am predicting that this project will be Armor Wars. This show was announced at the Disney investor call in late 2020. This show will star Don Cheadle as War Machine. This show will have War Machine have to retrieve some stolen Stark tech. I placed it here because it is the only announced project without a place on the phase 5 or 6 timeline.

The next thing we have has been confirmed to be Fantastic Four. This movie will be the MCU rendition of the popular marvel team. We don’t know who plays the team or who is directing. There is a huge fancast for the team where John Krasinski and Emily Blunt play Mr.fantastic and the Invisible Woman. I am personally very excited for this film. They did have John Krasinski cameo as Mr.Fantastic in Dr.Strange 2 but that casting is still unconfirmed.

The next project is also fall 2024. I am predicting it will be the rumored Wakanda show. This show has no info except that it will be directed by Ryan Coogler who directed the black panther movies. We don’t know what character it star. The rumor at the moment is that it stars Okaye. I am hoping it stars M’baku instead of Okay because he is a way more interesting character. I placed it here because the Black Panther movies tend to release in the fall and since this takes place in the same area, I think it should release around the same time as the movies do.

The next project is winter 2024. I am predicting it will be the rumored Wonder Man show. This show will introduce us to Simon Williams aka Wonder Man. Simon Williams is an actor who went to jail. When in jail Baron Zemo had him infiltrate the Avengers but decided to be good after joining the team. I think they will change that a bit in the films but I do not know how. This is one I am very excited about. I put it here because it is rumored to be directed by the same guy directing Avengers: the Kang Dynasty which I will mention later.

The next project is winter 2025. I’m predicting this will be Dr. Strange 3. This film is obviously going to happen due to the ending of Dr. Strange 2. I am predicting that it will be called Dr. Strange and the Dimension of Darkness. I predicted that title due to how when Clea ripped up reality at the end you could clearly see the dark dimension and in the comics Clea is from the dark dimension. I placed it here because this is the only film slot before the kang dynasty and I think this should be released before that because he is a big part of the 2nd part of that film in the comic’s Secret Wars. I am extremely hyped for this project because of how good Dr. Strange 2 was.

The next project is spring 2025. I am predicting that it will be the rumored Nova show. This show will introduce us to Nova aka Richard Rider or Sam Alexander. I am unsure which it will be but I am hoping for Sam Alexander. Nova is my absolute favorite superhero and I have been waiting for him to join the mcu for a long time. His origin involves the destruction of Xander which happened in Infinity War. I placed it here because I want it to be released before Avengers: the Kang Dynasty so that he can be in that film. This is my most wanted project because he is my favorite character.

The next project is another spring 2025. I am predicting it will be Moon Knight season 2. I am predicting this because they ended on a note where Mark and Steven are not Moon Knight but their darker alter ego, Jake Lockley is. So I think they will want the regular moon knight back in play for Avengers: the Kang Dynasty.  This is one I would be very excited about because that is one of my favorite shows.

Next up we got Avengers: the Kang Dynasty which was already announced. I am also going to talk about part 2, Avengers: Secret Wars right here. These are going to be the projects who wrap up the multiverse saga. These are obviously on my most anticipated list. These by far will be better than Infinity War and Endgame.

After Avengers: the Kang Dynasty is a project for summer 2025. I think this will be Shang Chi 2. I think it will be called Shang Chi and the Wreckage of Time due to some trademark leaks. I placed it here because I think Shang Chi 2 should be released after Avengers: the Kang Dynasty due to the title. I am very excited for this project due to how good the first one was.

There is one more project before Avengers: Secret Wars slated for summer 2025. I am predicting that it will be a Battleworld show. Battleworld is where secret wars take place. I think it will star a different hero each week. This is one I would be very excited to see. This and Shang Chi 2 could be interchangeable.

These are my predictions of phase 6.


Ranking all the Disney Plus shows from worst to best.

Today I will be ranking all of the marvel Disney plus shows. I am going to base this on how much this show impacted the bigger MCU and how much I enjoyed watching every episode week to week. At the time of me posting this we have 7 projects. These are WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If,Hawkeye, Moon Knight ,and Ms. Marvel. Those are all the rules, so now it is time to get these shows ranked.

For number 7, I am putting Falcon and the Winter Soldier. So this is my least favorite because it is the most boring. All it really did to the bigger MCU is turn Falcon into Captain America. But that did not even happen until the finale so we had to wait till the very end to get to the exciting part. The villain was very boring and she did not feel like a main villain. I understand that they had to reshoot everything because of the pandemic. That is why I put it at number 7.

For number 6, I am putting Ms. Marvel. This show was actually pretty decent but compared to the others it was not the best. It introduced us to Kamala Khan who is a superhero fan just like all of the people watching. The art they put in the background was awesome and it introduced Mutants by turning Kamila Khan into a Mutant. But what put it this low for me is the fact they changed her powerset from stretchy to genie crystal like powers. That and the fact that the plot was all over the place after episode 2 caused me to put it at number 6.

For number 5, I am putting What If. This is another one that is actually pretty good but I had to put it here because of the other shows. This show is animated instead of live action. In this show, The Watcher would show us a bunch of different universes and in the end a bunch of the different heroes we met team up to fight a big bad guy. There is already a season 2 announced to be on the way and will come out next year. Some of my favorite episodes are What If Dr. Strange lost his Heart instead of his Hands and What If Zombies. But my favorite character was Infinity Ultron(who is Ultron with all the Infinity Stones).   But the reason I put it so low is that there were some episodes I did not enjoy like What If Killmonger saved Tony Stark and What If Earth lost its Mightiest Heroes. That is why I placed it at number 5.

For number 4, I am putting WandaVision. It was really hard to decide what to put here but in the end I decided to put WandaVison here. This show was incredibly good and interesting because we had no idea what was going on. This show also had Wanda becoming the scarlet witch. The best parts were the mystery,Jimmy Woo and Darcy Louis. Darcy and Jimmy felt like their lines were what the fan’s were thinking. This show was really good with the week to week episode format. My problem with it is that the first 3 episodes were very sitcom-like and kinda boring. That is why I placed it at number 4.

For number 3, I am putting Moon Knight. This was probably the hardest decision I had to make for this list. The final 3 are all really good but in the end I went with Moon knight. This is only because the ending seemed a little rushed and the finale should have been 2 separate episodes. One where Lalya helped bring Mark and Steven back to life and the other where they fought Ammit and Arthur. Other than that the show was amazing. The Scarlet Scarab twist at the end was amazing. The twist where they die was amazing and shocking. This is why I put Moon Knight at number 3.

For number 2, I am putting Loki. I have no complaints about either of them so it was really hard but I had to go with Loki as #2. The show was amazing and the mystery about who really ran the TVA was awesome. I remember there were rumors that it was Kang that I believed until episode 5 when I convinced myself that it was King Loki instead. Then the next week when I sat down to watch the episode and saw Kang I lost my mind and was incredibly excited. That is why I put Loki at number 2.

Finally my number 1 is Hawkeye. Going into this show Hawkeye was already one of my favorite characters so I had high expectations and those were definitely met. The relationship and chemistry between Clint and Kate were awesome. Echo aka Maya Lopez was amazing in this show and Yelena Belova was the best character in the show. The way her and Kate interacted was amazing. The Kingpin reveal was awesome. Then there is the mystery about who killed Amand and how in the end Eleanor did it for Kingpin was also amazing. Jack was also an amazing character. That is why I put Hawkeye at number 1.

I hoped you enjoyed my ranking.