Twilight is Cool 👍

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Mariah Rescober, Writer

What is Twilight?

Twilight is a romantic and fantasy film, it is also a book series. Twilight is the first of 8 books in the series, and the first of 5 movies all written and produced by Stephenie Meyer.

The main character, Isabella Swan moves to Forks, Washington. She started going to a new school and made some new friends like Jacob Black, a Native American who lived on a Reservation. Jacob started to develop feelings for her.

When she walked into biology class she was assigned to sit next to Edward Cullen, a vampire and the future love of her life. When she sat at the same table as Edward, he seemed repellent towards her, it made things awkward for them. Edward started to talk to her, which helped them get comfortable.

Jacob had feelings for her, but he noticed Bella and Edward were growing close. He started to grow hatred towards Edwards, he was jealous. Edward was a vampire, meanwhile Jacob was a werewolf making them naturally enemies.

I feel as if they could have done a WAY better job on their acting in the movie. Although the movie isn’t a blockbuster, Twilight is my favorite book and will always be one of my treasured movies.

Twilight would be a great fit for you if you enjoy fantasy, romance, and some awkwardness.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I think the answer is obvious.

Jacob was always affectionate towards Bella, but I always found that annoying. In the books he was SO obsessed with Bella and wouldn’t leave her alone. Bella loved and cared for Jacob, which made me so mad. He is a werewolf making him a literal furry. I am glad that she didn’t choose Jacob.

Edward is so perfect for Bella, which makes the movies and books ideal! When they first met each other it was rough, but Edward started talking to Bella which helped patch things up. The chemistry between them was so interesting! Edward was so softhearted towards Bella. He was also very protective of her, which was an amazing characteristic he had.

Although Edward was a vampire, they both didn’t let that get in the way. Edward truly loved Bella, but Jacob only loved the thought of dating her. Edward was alive for so many years, but he still only chose Bella. I am team Edward, and nothing could change that.