The Vampire Diaries is Worth Watching

Daniela Torres, Writer

I Love Klaus

Vampire Diaries has a ton of great characters but today I am going to tell you about my 5 favorite!

Starting with my fifth favorite: Caroline Forbes. Caroline is an amazing character because she’s such a good friend; she is caring and considerate. Her presence is so enjoyable and her development is so well-written. She started off as an annoying, insecure girl but developed into a strong, independent girl.

Next, my fourth favorite is Bonnie Bennett. Bonnie was done so dirty by the writers, it actually makes me mad. She was SUCH an amazing character and always solved everyone’s problems and she NEVER got anything in return. And also the fact that she didn’t get a happy ending was so annoying because like, why wouldn’t she? Anyway, Bonnie is a great character and I wish the writers would treat her right.

Katherine Pierce takes third place. She is one of the best villains, if not THE best villain on the show. She is such an interesting character with a lot of depth. I really like the themes attached to her character and how she always puts herself first no matter what which makes her such a good villain.

Second place goes to Stefan Salvatore: the better brother. Stefan is one of my favorites even though a LOT of people don’t like him. He is so obviously the better brother because he always sacrifices his happiness for the happiness of Damon–his brother. Also, he deserved SO MUCH BETTER. Every time I rewatch the show, I get so MAD. Like, the ending he got was so unsatisfying.

And in first place: Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus is the best character because his character development is SO GOOD. His storyline was so interesting and I don’t think I even need to explain on this one. So I’m not. But yeah, he is the best and those were my top five favorite characters.

Legacies Isn’t That Great.

The Vampire Diaries had two spin-off shows. One of them was good, one of them wasn’t. I’m sorry but Legacies is… something. And it’s not good. The reason I don’t like it is because it doesn’t live up to the other shows. It’s so boring and it literally puts me to sleep. I could not watch one episode without pausing it because it was so unentertaining.

Moving on, The Originals was SO GOOD. It actually wasn’t that good, but it was good. I really liked it because it was a spin-off based off the storyline that happened with the original family in The Vampire Diaries. All the characters were super interesting and the relationships between the siblings were very entertaining. The ending was kind of underwhelming and I didn’t really like it but the rest of the show made up for it.