Ranking Video Games And Ranking Fortnite Seasons



Sammy Zavala, Writer

Ranking video games from best to worst


The First best is Minecraft with over 17 million people playing it everyday!

The purpose of this game is that it’s meant for you to build things of all sorts and to explore and survive.You can also play online whether you wanna play creative mode or survival mode and survive against certain creatures and stuff online with friends. Minecraft was also first released on November 18 2011.


2nd best game is Fortnite of course. Fortnite Was first released on July 21 of 2017.

The purpose of this game is the goal to the last person or squad to be left alive in a battle royale match to get the victory royale. You can also build also sorts of small bases with either wood, brick, or metal. To get weapons you’ll need to search all over the map in houses or small little bases where you can find chest and receive weapons to fight enemies. Since 2017 to 2020 over 350 million people played Fortnite everyday but after 2021 less people played Fortnite. But overall it’s still one of the best and popular video games.

Call Of Duty (Warzone)

3rd Best Ranked Game is Warzone. Warzone is an online multiplayer combat battle royale game where you battle among 150 players online.You can explore a massive battleground where you basically battle against 150 players in a battle royale battleground its call of duty but its just Warzone which is obviously a online battle royale mode. But you can choose from different options of modes in Warzone such as two of the most favorite modes Battle Royale and Rebirth Resurgence. It’s a first person shooter game where you can find all sorts of weapons and even customize them or mod with different kinds of attachments. Last One Standing Wins the match against the enemy’s wither its In Rebirth or Battle Royale.


4th Place is GTA5 Also Known As Grand Theft Auto 5. GTA is an action adventure game. played from either third person perspective or first person perspective. In story mode players complete missions linear scenarios with set objectives to progress through the story. In GTA online its basically a free roam game where you can do lots of stuff like actually play with your friends online and battle each other and have lots of fun doing stuff like also racing.


5th Place is Roblox. Roblox is a game that allows user to imagine, socialize, chat, play, create, interact and relate with others in many ways. In Roblox you basically can play a lot of different games such as horror games, racing games, basically everything you can imagine you can also play online with your friends chat with them and have fun with them in many different fun games. You can also create your very own game and create it to your choice.

Ranking some of the best seasons in Fortnite history

1st place is obviously ch2 s2. Ch2 s2 started in February 20,2020

It is one of the most liked Fortnite seasons ever in the Fortnite history there was a bunch of new cool poi’s there was about 6 mythic bosses. The mythic bosses where like by Fortnite players they loved the mythic weapons because they where so good. There was also henchmen that some people hated because they where basically bots that had really good aim and some people got eliminated by them most of the time. But this was in the COVID 19 time period when it barely started so kids that went to school where exited since they could stay home and play the new Fortnite season. Me personally I think it was really good Fortnite season.

2nd Place Ch1 s5

Ch 1 s5 was one of the best Fortnite seasons because a lot of stuff got introduced it was also in the prime time of Fortnite when people actually enjoyed playing it every single day. Golf carts got introduced as wells as rifts. Rifts were really good since it was a getaway thing when you’d use it it would spawn you in the sky so you can fly down and escape their was also really good battle pass skins such as drift. Drift was one of the most liked skin in the battle pass since when you leveled up you’d get better styles for him. There were also a lot of new parts of the map that people loved. And This Season Started in July 18,2018.

3rd Place Ch2 s4

Ch2 s4 was a Marvel themed season one of the best best seasons in the Fortnite history. Myself I enjoyed this season so much I I almost ranked it in 1st place. But this season was the best it also came out in August 27,2020 it was my first day of school online in CSMS in 6th Grade. It was really good because it introduced some really cool Marvel abilities that you can use. One of my favorites was Iron Man’s gauntlets and his uni beams.

It also introduced Tony Stark, Stark Industries, and also Doctor Doom’s Palace that got displaced by Pleasant Park. It introduced Tony Stark robot guards that you can hack and turn them into your guards, they also had special weapons. Also a lot of weapons returned like the all time favorite, the pump shotgun. The battle pass was really good it included Tony Stark, Storm, Wolverine, Thor. Mystique, Doctor Doom, and Groot.

4th Place Ch1 s7

Came out on December 16,2018, and it was a Christmas season. This is one of the fan favorites because so much stuff got released like surfboards and the big, mythic, powerful sword. The map was covered with snow it was really fun since it was on Christmas time.They also introduced planes. The Battle Pass was really good because it was full of cool Christmas skins. Weapon wraps got introduced; some of the first wraps where Christmas themed ones. A lot of cool stuff got introduced this season that people loved it a lot.

5th Place Ch2 s3: Ch2 s3 was one of the coolest and best seasons ever.

The whole map was filled with water since before this season a tsunami happened that it covered the whole map. A lot of people loved it, some disliked it, but most of the people loved it. There were 3 mythic bosses such as Kit, Jules, and Ocean.They had really cool people that some people liked.

Sharks got introduced as well as the new charge shotgun that was pretty bad and disliked by Fortnite users but through the season people started to love it and use it.