I really hate Simon Cowell



Sam Keil, Writer

Simon Cowell’s terrible acts exposed

Cutting straight to the point, there is no introduction and I’m simply venting my anger on Simon Cowell. The first reason is because he was responsible for making the band One Direction, which in my opinion isn’t a good band at all and was better off not existing in the first place.

Second Reason, There are theories that the members of One Direction had to sign contracts with Simon Cowell. When a leak revealed the X-Factor Contract, it showed Simon Cowell was to be protected from any acts of defamation on him, Which could have had the members hold their tongue for things that they were angry at him for.

Third, The members of One Direction have made interview’s and rants about how stressed they were being in the band, and having anxiety throughout the existence of the band. A possible reason for this is because the staff who were in

The charge of the band was strict and didn’t let them dye their hair, Or change the clothes that they were wearing.

Simon Cowell’s Hidden Truth Revealed

Fourth, America’s got talent is rigged. They have favoritism on singers and actors with sob stories, Because they try to get pity or empathy from the judges on the Show.

Fifth, is that he does not know what constructive criticism is and is always straight to the point, brutally honest. So it’s pretty easy to not like someone who’s always rude to people.

Lastly, He always looks for sob stories on America’s Got Talent, because if he declines them of their dream then the people watching would have a negative opinion of him. But that doesn’t help because he is already extremely rude to people. In conclusion, I REALLY HATE SIMON COWELL.