Edwin Hernandez, Writer

How to get started

Ark is a game were you have to survive in a world where there are dinosaurs. You explore all the maps that are in the game 6 official maps that are The Island,The center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, Valguero and Genesis: part 1. You have to level up to unlock new things like guns, cannons, and things you need to tame dinosaurs. Then you have to to beat the bosses that are on that map.

I love Ark and you should try it, but it is a bit confusing. I still confused what to do in late game. But yeah this game is a lot of fun.

How to beat the bosses

First you need to make tools ,which you need to get resources. Then you need a forge to smelt metal to make better tools, weapons, and darts. Then you want to tame your first dinosaur. Then you use the dinosaurs to get resources to make electricity and stuff.

Then after that you make traps to tame big dinosaurs like Rexes, Gigas, and Spinos. You want some support dinosaurs to fight the bosses. To fight the bosses you have to find artifacts that are in caves where you fight dinosaurs. Then you go and place the artifacts at the bosses who you want to fight then you use your dino to kill it.