Do you have a better opinion on holidays?

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Kaili Stanczak, Writer

My Top 3 Favorite Holidays

I really enjoy celebrating holidays throughout the year. I start by celebrating the New Year on January 1st and end the year by celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December. The Federal Government says that there are 10 official holidays in a year and I don’t know if there really is one holiday that is better than the rest. But I think that I could separate three from the list. My top three favorite holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

For the third place spot we have Halloween. I find Halloween enjoyable because it’s a day where you can dress up in really anything and nobody would question it. I could wear some random old clothes with a few holes, call myself a zombie, and get some free candy. I also enjoy going around to each house and seeing if I can get more candy than my friends. There is also the fun of decorating your house to look spooky. I like putting up ghosts, skeletons, and cobwebs in the front of my house every year.

In second place we have Thanksgiving. The reason that Thanksgiving is in my top three is because I love all Thanksgiving foods, except for cranberries. I get to see a lot of my family during this time and I get to try all the homemade food that everyone brings. My favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be mashed potatoes since they go with basically everything that I put on my plate. I also enjoy making all the food with my family before everyone comes over. It’s really just a family bonding holiday, isn’t it.

And in first place we have Christmas. Christmas has earned the top spot because it’s not just a holiday, it’s a whole season. The joy of getting to put up the decorations, finding presents for my family, watching my family open the presents I got them, and getting gifts will never be topped. For some reason I also really enjoy wrapping presents whenever I find free time. My favorite thing about Christmas is giving homemade gifts because then I know that whoever is receiving the gift will know it was from me. So, this is why these three holidays are in my top three favorite holidays of all time!

My Favorite Food From Each Holiday

I personally think that all holidays consist of great foods. Such as mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, hot dogs, chocolates, ice cream sandwiches, pumpkin pie, and so many more. But each holiday definitely has one food that is the best. I’m going to give my opinions on food from Valentine’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I hope I don’t get hungry while writing this!

Starting at the beginning of the year we have Valentine’s day. I don’t know if this holiday has very many options but I do love chocolate. So I’d say my favorite Valentine’s Day related food is caramel filled chocolates. For the next holiday we have Easter. I really enjoy having little candies as well as a larger meal later in the day. I think my favorite Easter food would have to be jellybeans since there are so many different flavors to choose from.

Now for the summer holiday I have the Fourth of July. I like eating hot dogs, potato chips, hamburgers, and all different kinds of ice cream. But I’d have to say my favorite one of them all would be a popsicle. There are multiple different flavors and you can practically eat them all summer long. I know that popsicles aren’t considered a real food so if I had to pick something out of the food category I would pick a burger with pickles because then I can have a savory burger with a hint of sour from the pickles.

Finally, we have the fall holidays all crammed together. Since Halloween consists mostly of candy I’m just going to say that my favorite candy is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I like them because they’re chocolate candy with just a little bit of peanut butter. My favorite Thanksgiving food would have to be mashed potatoes, especially if they’re homemade. My dad makes the best mashed potatoes so that’s why I consider them the best food out of all the Thanksgiving foods. And last but not least we have Christmas. The best Christmas food has to be apple pie because it is the best dessert to finish off the night. If it’s a little bit warm with a scoop of ice cream it tastes delicious.