NETFLIX: The Worldwide Phenomenon

Rachael Lemke, Writer

Netflix VS Hulu; boxing match of the century

I personally think Netflix is better than Hulu for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Hulu has ads, Netflix does not. Advertisements disrupt your watching time, and they can persuade you in the wrong way to stop watching your show/movie. If you wanted to get rid of ads on Hulu because they’re so annoying, you would have to pay an extra $7 a month just for no ads! In my opinion, that’s absurd. Also, if you wanted to watch LIVE TV on Hulu, because that is a nice addition, you would have to pay an extra $8 dollars a month.

Another reason why Netflix is more superior than Hulu is because Netflix has a better variety of shows and movies in my opinion. Netflix originals are way more popular than Hulu originals. Like right now, I can’t think of any Hulu originals off the top of my head but I can think of three Netflix originals; Outerbanks, Stranger Things, and You. Overall, Netflix is just more popular than Hulu and one hundred percent better.

The Demogorgon attacks Rory Gilmore

Have you ever tried to decide between two amazing options? Well, Stranger Things vs Gilmore Girls is a very tough decision. In my personal opinion, I think Stranger Things is better than Gilmore Girls.

Stranger Things is just way more entertaining and the cast is just so perfect. Although, I do understand that Stranger Things can be for mature audiences and younger kids aren’t allowed to watch it. Gilmore Girls is more suited for younger audiences, and it is a good background show to multitask with.

Even though Gilmore Girls is a good show, it’s very long. Stranger Things is very well-written and it has so many pieces that connect which makes it 10 times better. It’s only four seasons, while Gilmore Girls is seven. I also believe that Stranger Things has a lot of comedy that makes you more entertained and want to watch more.

Overall, I think Stranger Things is the better option out of the two, and I would recommend watching it in your free time, with some popcorn and tissues.