I Can Only Draw Stick Figures


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Lauren Demuth, Writer

How to Make Art While Not Going Broke

There is a large variety of art supplies on the market today. I have used many of these art supplies throughout my years as an artist and have found what supplies I consider the best.

The medium that I have worked with the most would have to be colored pencils. Most artist colored pencils come in large sets and are on the more affordable side. I use Prismacolor colored pencils and have found that they work the best for me. They don’t have a waxy texture like Crayola colored pencils and are easy to blend and build up opaque colors.

I have recently started using markers in my art and the markers I use are Ohuhu Oahu markers. They are alcohol markers that come in sets that you can order online. Ohuhu markers are blendable and with a diverse color variety, it is easy to get the color outcomes that you desire on your artwork. I own two sets of Ohuhu Oahu markers and sets the 36 Skin Tone Colors set and the 160 Color set. Ohuhu markers are $1.99 per marker and are even cheaper in sets which makes Ohuhu markers much more affordable and worth their price compared to other artist alcohol markers.

Every artist needs a sketchbook and I use Canson sketchbooks. I have found that colored pencils and normal pencil drawing work better on Canson Drawing sketchbooks as their paper is smoother and won’t smudge as much. For markers and watercolor paints, Canson Mix Media sketchbooks work better because their pattern is thicker and will prevent markers from bleeding through to the next game and keep watercolors from wrinkling the page. Colored pencils and normal pencils also work in the Canson Mix Media sketchbooks but the lead smudges a lot more than it would in the Canson Drawing sketchbook.

Is Your Art Style Less Consistent Than Your Sleep Schedule? 

Almost every artist has a unique and individual art style. But finding your art style as an artist can be tricky.

Your art style may change throughout your time as an artist and may depend on the art media that you consume. Artists may use qualities of other artists’ art styles that they feel inspired by. If I find a small quality or feature in another artist’s art, I may try it out in my own artwork and modify it to add to my art style.

Your art style will also vary greatly depending on your art genre or type. Some art genres may include cartoons, realism, manga, or semi-realism. Some artists may create drawings of landscapes or abstract art as opposed to beings and creatures. I would say that my art style is on the more cartoony side and I mainly draw beings or animals. This makes sense considering the art media that I consume is mostly cartoony and is of beings and creatures rather than landscapes and abstract drawings.

My best tips for finding or modifying your art style would be by using details from the art of several other artists that inspire you and adding them to your own work. And make sure to practice! This will ensure that the style that you are using sticks and will improve the more that you use it.