How to drop 30 kills each game

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Will Pasquier, Writer

How to box your opponents easily

Building is the key to winning and being good at Fortnite. I think that mastering building is the key to becoming the best player you can be. Piece control, specifically, is the best way to use your building skills to your advantage to win boxfights or buildfights. Piece control allows you to basically trap your opponent in your builds, making it impossible for them to escape you, and impossible to edit themselves out of the situation. Even if you have bad aim, if you control your opponent with builds, it can really make them panic and throw them off their game tremendously.

Editing is another key to building that can make you unpredictable in a fight. Editing is the key to tricking your opponent in your fights, and again making them panic heavily. If you know how to edit consistently and well, then you can move through your builds quickly and easily, and get out of fights consistently.

High ground retakes are another key to being the best player you can be. High ground retakes are a certain order of builds in which you can accomplish gaining the higher ground on your opponent. If you master high ground retakes, piece control, and editing, you’d be realistically better than most players. All you would have to do after that is master your aim.

How to make your opps lost in the head

Aim is another crucial part of Fortnite. To get your aim better, you can either go to creative maps specifically made for mastering aim, or if you are on a computer, you can go on something like Aim Labs software to master your aim.

A good map for aim is 8486-9104-1829 because it goes through your basic aim mechanics and teaches you how to properly track your opponents when running. Overall I recommend that map for aiming if a computer is not available to use.

Some tips for aiming I have is knowing how to control bloom in an AR. Bloom means when the bullets spread out when shooting at an object, and make it harder to actually hit your opponent. When shooting an AR in far range, I recommend shooting in single shots, for bloom to not activate, and to have an overall more accurate AR.