Fortnite Battle Royale Best Plays

Aaron Bedolla, Writer

Best Landing Spot and What to do in a Fighting Situation

Best places to land, best place to land is Anvil Square. Anvil Square is one of the best landing spots to land. Why? Because it has the best loot and best mats. Most lobbies land there so you can get a shotgun and a smg, while we talk about guns we should talk about the best loadout. You will need a shotgun, any thunder shotgun. A smg because you could spray and kill them easily.

While you get good loot then you would wanna go to the castle just to look where the other people are at and make sure you cleared the place and you have it all alone. There is another castle but it’s kinda far. Nobody is there to loot or get more shields so you can be good. If you get in a fight just the first thing you wanna do is not to be nervous and stay calm the whole game and just remember it’s just a GAME DON’T NEED TO GET MAD IF YOU DIE. Make sure you cone them when they are building up pieces, control them, get to the right then shoot them with a peanut butter shot. After you destroy him you just want to do the same thing: go looking for players or you can camp all game and that’s all then you will be the best Fortnite player in history, world and the best in all countries. Thank you for listening, goodbye.

What Not to do in Fortnite Battle Royale

What not to do in Fortnite Battle Royale. You should never land in a spot where nobody lands why? Why ask because first placement point you won’t get points until you’re in top 25 when that takes so long, you wont get kills or anything maybe you’ll get good loot but you won’t get better. Why? Because you’re not gonna get kills and your aim would be so bad.

But the best way to get better aim will be aimlab. What is aimlab? It is one of the best apps to use to get better aim. The only thing you do in there is shoot robots it’s free but only in pc it not aloud in ps4 or xbox or anything but its okay. You can just go in creative to get better.

The skin. Skin is a big thing in fortune. You want to wear all black skin and a female skin. Why a female skin? Because female skin is skinny and the male skin are good but I recommend the girl because the male is thicker. Why all black because your enemies would not see you in the dark and you can just sneak up on the enemy player and get an easy elimination. This is all I have to talk today thank you for talking and listening what I’ve had to say about this game thank you and good bye.