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Maylin Pedroza, Writer

New Generation of Nail Supplies
I choose this topic because it is something that I want to do in the future. But after all I think that if you want to be a nail tech you would need the experience and materials. Some materials you will possibly need are acrylic nails, some good nail glue, nail drill, gel, fake hand to practice the acrylic nails on. There isn’t a choice on going to school for becoming a nail tech, but you can make the decision of learning by going to college or learning it by watching videos.

! Please be Patient when doing nails !
Being a Nail Tech can be a struggle. By that I mean you will need a lot of practice and to be patient. Starter Nail Techs possibly practice on other peoples hands to see where they are at. Nail Techs need to have a lot of experience with drawing or just doing art in general. I believe that Nail Techs need a schedule, because without a schedule there is less practice, which means less experience.

Nail Techs will also need to have a steady hand. They will be needing a steady hand in order to even attempt a decent procedure. Nail Techs will also need a large amount of work space. They will be needing a large amount of work space for the materials that will be needed in order to complete the nails. Becoming a Nail Tech isn’t as easy as people think, being patient and having experience/practice are the main things you will need in order to become a Nail Tech.