How finding your confidence within can change your life

Tessa Campos, Writer

How to be More Confident

Confidence is the hardest thing to achieve for most people… Some people do have natural confidence, but for most that’s not relatable. This blog is going to talk about mind confidence, training yourself etc. First topic is how to trick your mind into thinking you’re pretty. Scientific studies show that after about 40 days of the same thing your mind starts thinking it’s true/believing it. So if you look in the mirror every morning and say you’re pretty and list off things you like about yourself your mind will slowly start to believe it.Thus making you more confident. Another thing you can do to make yourself more confident is when people try to put you down with negative words, just act like the words don’t mean anything.

The last and probably most important skill/technique to learn to gain more confidence is to train your brain to stop comparing in a negative way. For example if you see a pretty girl instead of saying oh my god I wish I looked like her. You can pick certain things you like about her like her eyebrows and say hers are really pretty but I really like my freckles or my eyebrows too. The last phrase I will leave you with and the phrase that has helped me a lot with my confidence is be confident enough to know you bring a lot to the table and it is enough but humble enough to know you’re not better than everyone.

How to UN-train, not have co-dependent confidence

This is how to not have co-dependent confidence ,because it can actually be very damaging if that person were to leave or you grow apart.

First thing is there is a very big difference between your friends complimenting you and you being grateful and not thinking you look good or are super closed off if they don’t say something.I am still trying to not have co-dependent confidence because that’s not it, but I am getting better everyday. I try to remember these three tips.

Number one, look in the mirror for one minute at least and name everything you like about your hair, outfit or skin. Even if you don’t believe it YET.This way when someone compliments you say thank you but in your head you already say that so it’s more of an agreement.

Second, when someone compliments you compliment them so you think of what you said to them instead of going off on what they said to you. It protects your worth and boosts someone else’s.

Lastly, this thing contributes more to not having co-dependent confidence so you don’t get to having co-dependent confidence. What you do is do something that makes you happy and accept that not everyone will like it whether that is putting on makeup, wearing a special shirt, bracelet or even piercings. Do whatever you need to do to make you a little more confident even if it’s just a little bit. I hope these tips help you a little bit.

One last disclaimer: these tips obviously won’t help everyone. Try some of these to start but you really have to find what works for you.