The Life of a DREAMER


Ethan F., Yash J., and Cris S.

CSMS has a robotics team called, The Dream Team.  DREAM stands for District 75, Robotics, Engineering, And Math. They have four teams: Alpha, Delta, Omega, and Gamma. The league and sponsorship of Lego Robotics is known as FLL (First Lego League).

The DREAM team is very successful and has gone to state the last three years. The participants have grown as a team together and learned some important values.  7th grade students Owen and Steven said that they have enjoyed this opportunity and have learned lots about robotics and more.

“We all just work together and get along very well. I just had a really fun time with it…Also, it seems as though everyone enjoys the Dream Team, and is proud to be a part of something special,” Owen said.

This team competes once a year and practices nearly every day. “We compete once per year, so you get one competition and then that competition decides if you go to state or not,” Steven said.

Many funny things have happened that makes it enjoyable to be a part of the Dream Team. “We were outside once at a break. It was the first time it snowed in December and umm…what my friend did was he umm…he…took snow and I went inside and he throw it at the window at it, left a big mark,” Steven said.

The DREAM team will go to the University of Illinois on January 28 to compete for the state championship.